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Our Mission

The insect farming industry is a fast-growing sector, with very ambitious players who are building large production facilities to rear Black Soldier Fly larvae. The collective objective of the sector is to satisfy the massive demand for insect proteins that we are facing today and that we will face tomorrow.

At La Compagnie des Insectes, our mission is to provide the actors of the insect protein industry with healthy and performing young animals, ready for rearing, such as eggs, neonates or 7 day old larvae (7DOL).

Our Company







La Compagnie des Insectes is a pioneer company of the insect-farming industry:

Founded in 2014 and formerly known as NextAlim, La Compagnie des Insectes has developed a wide expertise in the end-to-end process, from feed preparation to grow-out larvae, up to larvae processing into proteins.

Today, La Compagnie des Insectes is a specialist of BSF genetics and BSF breeding operations.

La Compagnie des Insectes is a distinctive player of breeding operations:

  • Industrial maturity reached after 8 years of R&D and technology development

  • High production capacity

  • Ability to provide rearing advices to its customers to ensure optimal utilization of the products provided

  • Proprietary supply chain solutions to deliver young animals to the customer locations

La Compagnie des Insectes is developing the local, middle scale, low carbon BSF larva offer:

Since its acquisition by La Compagnie des Insectes Industrie in May 2022, our company builds strong partnerships with agricultural unions and cooperatives all across France, to help develop a network of entomo-bioreactors in five regional agricultural branches that will feed local coproducts to BSF larvae : rather than letting the raw materials travel several hundreds of kilometers, we enable the bioconversion process to happen in situ.

Refurbishing abandoned low energy chicken farm buildings into bioreactors for the growth of our insects, in integration with breeders, we develop the market’s first low carbon larva offer, and deliver on the environmental promises of entomoculture for feed.

Our History

2014 – 2016


  • Proof of concept elaborated in a french farm

  • Successive scale-up of process into a laboratory and then into a pilot plant nearby Poitiers, France

2017 – 2019


  • Design, construction and ramp-up of a full scale demo plant in Poitiers

  • Development of technological solutions for breeding operation

2020 – 2021


  • Specialization in the production of eggs and neonates

  • Signature of commercial contracts with BSF players to provide them with eggs or neonates for their BSF rearing facilities

2022 – 2023


  • Acquisition of NextAlim by La Compagnie des Insectes Industrie

  • Building of partnerships with local farmers and agricultural unions and cooperatives

  • Increase of the production capacity of Poitiers site to 6 tons of eggs / year

2023 – 2025


  • Deployment of La Compagnie des Insectes technology

  • Launch of the market’s first low carbon full larva product for animal feed

  • Increase of the production capacity of Poitiers site up to 9 tons of eggs / year

Our Production Sites

Poitiers facility: #1 production site

Our industrial plant is located in Poitiers (France), where we develop, test and implement our technology solutions to breed BSF. At this site, we produce high grade eggs, neonates, and young larvae. In 2023, production capacity will increase to 6 tons of eggs, which will generate approximately 23’000 tons of larvae and 6’000 tons of pure insect proteins at our customer sites.

Future sites of La Compagnie des Insectes Industrie

As the production capacity of our site in Poitiers grows, so will the network of entomo-bioreactors lead by La Compagnie des Insectes Industries. Starting in 2023, we will build local black soldier fly production sectors in five regions, in particular in Brittany. In integration with breeders, unused chicken farm buildings will be used for larval growth, where the insects will be fed local agricultural coproducts. The final product will be dried and fresh larvae that can directly feed poultry and pig : these low carbon, rich in protein insects will allow breeders to diversify their sources of income while enabling them to reduce their usage of soy.

Our Team

Our team of 24 highly passionate operators, technicians and research engineers strive every day to improve our processes and to develop the right products for our customers. Innovation is at the heart of our strategy.

Sébastien Couasnet


Stéphane Racowski

Industrial Project Director

Philippe Provost

Plant Director and Maintenance Manager

Grégory Louis

Commercial Director


Operations Director

Antoine Gourdon

Head of Brittany programs

Galatée Ferey

R&D & IP Manager

Sébastien Collin

R&D Scientist

Ramiro Carciochi

R&D Scientist

Lucia Lopez

R&D & veterinary scientist

Anselme Mahy-Celotto

Research Assistant

Jérôme Mabilleau

Research Assistant

Jean-Charles Robert

Industrial Project and Method Manager

Quentin Chataignier

Industrial project manager

Mathieu Robin

Junior Industrial Project Manager

Guillaume Castex

New construction manager

Paul-Alexandre Martin

Production Technician

Marc Morin

Production Technician

Julie Lebel

Production Technician

Sébastien Malvé

Production Technician

Marine Demaret

Administration & HR Manager

Émeline Demellier

Accounting Assistant

Michel Houe

Administrative and financial director

Sébastien Charron

Maintenance manager

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