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Who are we?


are we?

The Compagnie des Insectes, specialized in Black Soldier Flies, designs and develops insect production projects in France and internationally for farmers, breeders, agricultural cooperatives, and industrial players, deploying energy-efficient technologies that require moderate investments.
LCI Team

Since its inception in 2021, La Compagnie des Insectes has been actively involved in organic material valorization. Our firm's journey enriched by the acquisition of NextAlim's insect breeding technology in May 2022 and Protifly's rearing technology in July 2023 places us at the forefront of the insect farming industry.

These strategic moves enhance our ability to meet the evolving demands in food production and project collaboration.

The thread of our history


Creation of the company Nextalim


€18M in funds raised


1st production site of 4,500m²2 in Poitiers (86)


Creation of the company La Compagnie des Insectes

May 2022

Acquisition of Nextalim

Sept 2022

Launch of the sector model

Feb 2023

€15 million in public funding

July 2023

Acquisition of Protifly

LCI Team

At La Compagnie des Insectese we convert organic materials into real opportunities.

Our collective mission is to meet the increasing demand for insect-derived proteins, addressing both current needs and future expectations. Our ultimate goal? To actively contribute to building a more sustainable future.

Our values are based on four pillars: innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and integrity.

We are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions for insect farming. Our partnerships are built on trust and teamwork. These principles are at the heart of every action we take, guiding our path to a more sustainable and responsible future.

Immerse Yourself in the World of La Compagnie des Insectes

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Our technology

LCI Bioconversion Technology
La Compagnie des Insectes larva rearing unit.


Our automated bioconversion system enables optimized insect farming management. From seeding to harvesting, each step is streamlined for robust production and simplified management, enhancing both efficiency and profitability.


Our bioconversion system utilizes thermoregulation technology, eliminating the need for climate control within the entire rearing enclosure. This significantly reduces energy consumption and associated operational costs.


Our modular approach provides the flexibility to adapt to varying needs, such as input volume, building size, and other potential constraints, ensuring a scalable and tailored solution for each specific site.

Low investment

La Compagnie des Insectes's innovative technology considerably lowers upfront costs, making it more feasible to start insect farming projects with less initial investment than conventional methods.

Zero plastic container

Our commitment to the environment sets us apart as we eliminate the use of plastic containers in our process. This approach reduces our ecological footprint and offers a more sustainable solution.



Price $10,000

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Price $10,000

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Price $10,000

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What do we offer?

We leverage our expertise in insect biology to manage projects from design to deployment of new insect production units, providing technological solutions that ensure proven, efficient, and profitable processes. Our four-step methodology enables us to create tailored and sustainable solutions.

Needs assessment

Conducting thorough data collection and analysis to accurately ascertain partner needs and site-specific challenges, setting the stage for effective project planning and implementation.

Organic matter validation

Ensuring our solution's efficiency and economic viability by thoroughly validating the organic matter (substrate) used.

Design & Sizing

Developing tailored design plans and precise technical dimensions to ensure each installation is both effective and aligned with predefined goals.


This is when our blueprints become reality: setting up, testing, starting operations, and commercial activities.

What do we offer?

We provide comprehensive solutions for insect farming and provide project management expertise to transform insect production into an efficient and profitable process.

Custom design
Customized solutions adapted to your needs.
Modular systems to adapt to various environments and volumes of biomass.
Integration of proven technologies for maximum efficiency.
Environmentally friendly design, minimizing ecological impact.
Full support from design to commissioning.
Expertise in project management to ensure a smooth and effective transition.
Training and ongoing support for the operation and maintenance of systems.
Expert advice to optimize insect production and management.
Automated system for easy management and better performance.
Low power consumption, reducing operational costs.
Creation of new sources of income through the conversion of biomass into proteins.
The frass produced during insect farming creates an additional source of income and increases the overall profitability of the system.

Why choose us?

Choosing La Compagnie des Insectes means opting for a French company with strong expertise in the field of bioconversion by insects.
Here are the six key reasons that make us the ideal partner in insect farming.

+9 years R&D

Our master's degree in bioconversion is based on solutions based on extensive research and solid experience.

Turnkey solution

Offering comprehensive solutions, we support at every stage, from design to implementation and sales activities.


Our solutions are flexible and adapt to different scales and needs, ensuring perfect integration into each context and building.

Low investment

Our approach ensures a more affordable solution than conventional methods. By minimizing initial investments, we make insect farming economically accessible.

Energy savings

Unlike other actors, we avoid vertical farming to reduce energy consumption and better control production.

Training & Support

We provide training and technical support to help manage insect farming operations effectively.

Our management team

Driven by a shared vision to build a virtuous business with a strong impact on food and the environment, deeply rooted in local communities, we form an experienced operational team with diverse profiles.
Sébastien Couasnet
Sébastien Couasnet
President and CEO
Former founder and CEO of Elephant Vert.
Stéphane Racowski
Stéphane Racowski
Deputy General Director
Former Project Director at Oliver Wyman.
Miche Houe
Michel Houe
Financial Director
Former CFO at Fujifilm.
Gregory Louis
Gregory Louis
Commercial Director
Former co-founder and CEO of Entomo Farm & Jungle Feed.
Cynthia Lachens
Cynthia Lachens
Director of Operations
Former CEO Einhell France.
Maxime Baptistant
Maxime Baptistant
Technical Director
Former Protifly founder and CEO.


What is the minimum quantity of organic material required for a bioconversion facility to be profitable ?

To ensure the profitability of our bioconversion system, it's ideal to process at least 20,000 tonnes of raw organic material per year (targeting about 30% dry matter).

What insect does our expertise focus on ?

We specialize in the Black Soldier Fly, a species central to our bioconversion processes due to its short life cycle (average 45 days for a complete cycle) and its efficient organic matter conversion ability.

What types of organic materials can be used in a bioconversion system ?

Our bioconversion system effectively processes various organic materials like agricultural waste, food industry by-products, and other organic residuals. We tailor our process optimization to each specific type of material.

What building size is needed for black soldier fly larvae rearing ?

For black soldier fly larva rearing, a minimum building area of 1500m2 is recommended, while our standard projects typically occupy buildings around 2500m².

What are the positive externalities of farming black soldier flies ?

Farming black soldier flies contributes to a circular economy by transforming organic matter into high quality proteins. It offers a sustainable alternative to traditional proteins like fish meal and soybean meal, and meets growing dietary needs. In addition, it reduces the environmental impact by limiting waste and promoting more responsible agriculture.

What is the minimum investment amount required to establish a farm ?

The minimum investment for setting up a farm varies based on several factors, such as existing infrastructure, location, and raw material availability. We recommend contacting us for a detailed, tailored assessment.

How can I sell my production ? Do I have to look for buyers myself ?

Not at all! At La Compagnie des Insectes, we make things easier for our partners. We not only assist in establishing and fine-tuning insect farms, but also actively seek markets for all produced goods, removing the burden of finding buyers. Our aim is to let our partners focus on farming, while we handle everything else.

What level of technical or agricultural expertise is needed to efficiently farm insects ?

Farming insects with La Compagnie des Insectes is designed to be accessible, even for those who do not have prior technical or agricultural knowledge. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to effectively manage farms. Our automated technologies greatly facilitate the process, allowing you to focus on the practical side without worrying about technical complexities.

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